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A wickedly fun, nearly indestructible aerobatic fixed-wing drone, that is capable of insane 3D maneuvers.  Great for novices or pros, there is no better RC airplane to grow with.

Helium Assisted Navigator
Solo (HANSolo)

The first of its kind, fastest, highest flying, longest endurance multi tilt-rotor drone
in the world.

The 3D design, engineering & modeling arm of Blossom Enterprises, responsible for Blossom Aerobotics' product development and ready to meet your needs.

About Blossom

Blossom Aerobotics is a Blossom Enterprises, Ltd. company.
Blossom Enterprises is an employee-owned for-profit social enterprise incubator, whose mission is to grow abundantly fruitful people.
10% of gross profits before salaries support the Blossom Care Network, a nonprofit that coordinates vital resources for trafficked and at-risk children.
Blossom Aerobotics provides a platform for further personal and professional development of these young people and others as they enter adulthood.

  • 2012

    Back Home to Blossom is founded by Rosanne Sharratt with the intent to provide housing for Colorado children rescued from sex trafficking.

  • 2013

    Mathew Sharratt assumes the Executive Director position and starts to do business as Blossom Care Network (BCN), beginning a process to create a sustainable, high-impact ministry for children recovering from or at high risk of being sexually exploited.

  • 2014

    As BCN researched the issue of sex trafficking and possible solutions, it became apparent that the kids need continued support, professional training and personal development after they turn 18 at the same time that BCN needs to build long-term revenue streams.

  • 2015

    Blossom Enterprises, Ltd. is launched to continue BCN's mission while building a series of for-profit businesses.  The Aerobat3D is introduced in July and Matt steps aside as BCN Executive Director in August, becoming Blossom Enterprises' CEO. In September, Charles Paquet is brought on as Chief Engineer.  A Provisional Patent application is filed for HANSolo on October 27th.  BCN's Blossom Mentoring Center is opened December 1st.

Blossom's Leadership

Matt Sharratt

Founder / CEO

Charles Paquet

Chief Engineer

Matt and Charles are only the tip of a professional network they can call on to meet any need.  Soon, they will be joined by many others as interns become apprentices and eventually associates, helping themselves and the entire enterprise to blossom.

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